About PDX Auditions

No logins. No billing. No comment threads. Just gigs. Sweet, sweet gigs.

That's the short version. Here's a longer story:

When I first had the opportunity to work in Portland's theatre industry, I was instantly charmed. So many awesome arts organizations! Such engaged audiences! A hugely talented community, eager to collaborate and forge new voices, new aesthetics. "Where can I find my next gig?" I thought.

That's where the road bumps started.

I found a Facebook group, but I wasn't thrilled about relying on social media to keep working. And I heard about a Yahoo listserve...and about a lot of drama that seemed to come with it. Maybe there was an arts council job board or two? Nobody seemed to know for sure. And of course, there was always each individual company's auditions page. Look, it's great those resources exist, but each of those solutions presented new problems and headaches. Where was the no-muss, no-fuss, publically-available listing for local auditions? And could it real transparent about the things that matter most to performers; things like pay and representation?

So, here we are. Hopefully this kind of thing is useful. When it's outstayed its welcome, PDX Auditions will close. But until then, drop a line, give some feedback, get involved. This sort of thing will only be as strong as the community that gets behind it.

I'm excited to see what we do with it. 😉

Christopher Kehoe
Fellow freelance theatre monkey

Anatomy of a listing:

Project/Event Title

Name of producing company
Performance type (see below)

Here's the meat of the audition listing. By default, this field will be collapsed on the home screen.

Companies have 65,000 characters to post any information they choose. Hopefully that'll include the basics, like audition location, audition and callback times, performance dates, and casting breakdown.

Every entry ends with an email contact, provided by the producing company, for more information.

Payment information (see below)

Casting for gender (optional, see below)

Casting for race (optional, see below)

Audition start date

Website for more information (optional)

Performance type:

Producers must select what type/genre/style of performance is seeking talent:

Payment information:

Unpaid All performers are being solicited for unpaid volunteer work.
Non-equity and unpaid Performers cast will be a mixture of paid contractors at a non-equity rate and unpaid volunteers.
Non-equity All performers cast will be contracted for pay at a non-equity rate.
Equity and non-equity All performers cast will be contracted for pay, with some hired under an AEA contract.
Equity All actors cast will be hired under an AEA contract.

Casting for gender:

Producers have the option to specify which gender identities are being cast:

If this field doesn't appear, performers of all gender identities are welcome to audition.

Casting for race:

Producers have the option to specify which races are being cast:

If this field doesn't appear, performers of all races are welcome to audition.