Advertise on PDX Auditions

Do you want to get your product, service, or store get in front of Portland's performing arts community? And, you know, actually be seen?

Advertising on PDX Auditions makes too much damn sense: it's hyper-local, affordable, and readers are already jazzed to be on the site (actors LOVE auditions). What's more, they'll know you're supporting the Portland-area theatre industry, and you can bet that'll translate to loyalty and enthusiasm for your brand.

Looking for demographic data? We don't have it! Yet. But all the stereotypes and assumptions probably hold true...

Is that wild speculation? Of course it is. But don't miss the forest for the trees: all of us love the smell of books, get transfixed by baby ducks, don't understand why black jelly beans are a thing, and have a hard time thinking of any other place as home.

Basically, we're more alike than we are different. And we tip extremely well.

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